Peering into a webcam, her face intermittently frozen over an iffy Skype connection in Medellin, Colombia, Lizz Quain was explaining not long ago why she uprooted her 9-year-old twins almost a year and a half ago to travel the world.

Ms. Quain, who is in her 40s, owned a children’s play cafe and preschool near Seattle before she renounced her American middle-class existence in August 2016, fed up with what she described as a stifling, consumerist culture.

via NY Times: Some Said They’d Flee Trump’s America. These People Actually Did.


Ambassador is defined as “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity” // I want to share something awesome. See this lady, she is a true ambassador for (trail) running and what it means to be a good person in general. My daughter is part of a girls running club at school and Michele took time out of her day to speak to the girls about a couple of topics having to do with running, encourage them and then go on a run through the school neighborhood with them, when she could’ve have been doing something a little more interesting, fun, or just sleeping in a little bit longer // It’s awesome in my mind because so many people wouldn’t take the time out of their day to something like that. Especially “early” in the morning before work and for kids they don’t know. // Thank you Michele!

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Is there really such a thing as a superfood?
If the idea is that a superfood will do super things, then no.

Yeah, except for quinoa, right? Which is magical or something.
No single food, separate from the overall quality and pattern of diet, exerts a major health effect. If your diet is excellent, no single food will be responsible for the benefits. If your diet is terrible, no single food will compensate.

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