I’m supposed to run 9 miles today but it is raining.

It started out rain, then became snow while I was at Girls Run Club with K. Then it turned back to rain a little later.

Work has me busy writing documentation and test plans. It’s perfect excuse to stay inside and do the little things I rarely do for myself. Like really foam roll my legs and take it easy.


People are strange

I finally accept I don’t understand human behavior.

  • Kids who know better yet still tell stupid lies for no real reason
  • Adults who abuse others: verbally, physically, or emotionally
  • War
  • Bullying
  • Arguing about things that have absolutely no meaning in the end



Just several of the things off the top of my head, from the past few days.

There’s just so much that I understand and can non longer comprehend. We should be working together to feed everyone and solve the multitude of problems we are facing as species hurtling towards our own destruction.


Time for me to take a break from almost everything. News. Social media things. People.

Another comparison of today vs a year ago

April 2017 – 121.6 miles in 29h 42m with 13,891ft of elevation gain

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.07.16 AM

April 2018 – 121.0 miles in 25h 57m with 14,782ft of elevation gain

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.07.30 AM

This month isn’t over yet either. I have another 55miles planned through Sunday, which will put me over last month’s total and bring my current year total to over 500 miles. Slowly but surely I’m cranking them out and getting stronger.

Ambassador is defined as “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity” // I want to share something awesome. See this lady, she is a true ambassador for (trail) running and what it means to be a good person in general. My daughter is part of a girls running club at school and Michele took time out of her day to speak to the girls about a couple of topics having to do with running, encourage them and then go on a run through the school neighborhood with them, when she could’ve have been doing something a little more interesting, fun, or just sleeping in a little bit longer // It’s awesome in my mind because so many people wouldn’t take the time out of their day to something like that. Especially “early” in the morning before work and for kids they don’t know. // Thank you Michele!

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Is there really such a thing as a superfood?
If the idea is that a superfood will do super things, then no.

Yeah, except for quinoa, right? Which is magical or something.
No single food, separate from the overall quality and pattern of diet, exerts a major health effect. If your diet is excellent, no single food will be responsible for the benefits. If your diet is terrible, no single food will compensate.

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